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location_on La Serena Golf, Murcia, Spain

Detached-family villa by the sea

Sun Breeze villas at Serena Golf, Los Alcazares is a residential development  consisting of detached villas , each one designed with a unique minimalist architectural style, modern architecture encompassed in a historic setting.

Your new life project is located close to the sea, in a development designed for you and your family to enjoyprivacy and wellbeing, elegant, modern design and the attention to the smallest of the details,

Sun Breeze will provide a different quality of life. a cozy  Your Sun Breeze villa is interconnected by land, sea and air, a temperate climate in winter and warm in summer, all seasoned with an enviable gastronomic culture.

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Two years of free season ticket at Serena Golf for homeowners at Sun Breeze Villas



Foundations are made of reinforced concrete. The horizontal supporting structure is made of reinforced concrete, whereas the vertical one comprises metallic pillars. This gives the building robustness and endurance, as it is the most important part of building because it supports the whole building.


The exterior facade is finished with a single layer of mortar, with areas covered with other suitable facade-friendly materials and lacquered aluminium joinery; this gives the building an elegant, good-quality look. Indoors, walls are lined with a combination of plaster boards and glass fibre (PANELSYSTEM type) and thermal insulation in the chamber, thus getting excellent indoor finishing and magnificent exterior thermal and acoustic insulation. It is possible to finish the facade with EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) (webertherm or similar) over ½ foot brick; the exterior is finished in acrylic, with areas covered with other suitable facade-friendly materials and lacquered aluminium profiles; this gives the building an elegant, good-quality look. This minimizes the heat bridges which, in the light of the high CTE (Spanish Building Code) demands, are of paramount importance for an energy-efficient house. Indoors, walls are lined with a combination of plaster boards and glass fibre (PANELSYSTEM type) or laminated plaster, thus getting excellent indoor finishing and magnificent exterior thermal and acoustic insulation.


A fl at inverted roof will be set up, finished with ceramic ti les or gravel, depending on whether it is walk-on or not, respectively. Rain water is drained, with an overflow fitting to avoid problems in case of blockage.


A combination of plaster boards and glass fibre (PANELSYSTEM type or similar) has been chosen for all dividers, which grants perfect finish and enhanced acoustic insulation.


 It is made of lacquered aluminium, with high-quality profiles and heat bridge breakage for double glazing (climalit type), which gives security, energy savings and sun control. The windows are sliding, hinged and ti lt-and-turn as per design and have aluminium blinds. The safety rails of outdoor terraces and the deck area on the roof are made of security tempered laminated sheet glass, which combines the most avantgarde aesthetics with the top security features.


The front door is reinforced, mounted onto the side walls. The door has lacquered wood inside and a security lock; outside it is finished with suitable facade friendly materials. Internal doors are manufactured following the most advanced technological laminated sheet procedures, which guarantee the necessary robustness, and are finished in lacquered wood. The houses have big wardrobes in all bedrooms, which are fully finished with drawers and shelves, designed for easy cleaning.


The living room has been designed to be a nice, luxurious place, which allows for different decoration styles to be chosen by each family. Walls are painted in plain colour, which reveals the impeccable finish of the supports and gives a feeling of space to the rooms. Ceilings are finished in white paint to enhance the room brightness. The kitchen is integrated with the living room and will have top and bottom furniture, the latter ending in a porcelain top (this material is well known for its resistance and good quality). It will be fitted with glass-ceramic cook top, oven and a cooker hood. Walls will be shaped with rectified ceramic tiles. The public areas will have rectified ceramic flooring, which gives a quality touch to the house and a cosy feeling of well-being to the dwellers. If you are away and want to disconnect the electrical supply to the house, the fridge can still be left on, as it has an independent power point from that of the electrical installation of the rest of the house.


Rectified ceramic flooring has been used with skirting boards matching the tiles, thus creating a very warm, cuddly environment. Paint is plain on walls and the ceiling to give a sensation of space and brightness.


Flooring and tiling for this bathroom will comprise rectified ceramic tiles, which gives a distinguished, elegant touch. We have set up a shower with a crystal shower screen. The sink is mounted on a cabinet. Bathroom fittings will be Roca or of similar quality. Single-lever taps will be set up, which gives the room a quality, stylish look. VISITORS’ TOILET Ground Floor: We have chosen a more informal design: walls and floors are tiled with rectified ceramic pieces. The sink is mounted on a cabinet. Bathroom fittings will be Roca or of similar quality, with single-lever taps.


Rustic tile flooring is the style chosen for these areas.


For the house to be thermally comfortable, an air-to-air heat pump has been installed with highly efficient outdoor units that serve the house through glass fibre ducts. The system is controlled with a chronothermostat for optimal air intensity and temperature regulation.


The cold and hot water pipes are high mounted, under the suspended ceilings, for easier localization; they will be plastic to prevent corrosion. Also, this material allows for eliminating scaling, thus extending the installation’s useful life. Domestic hot water is produced by a solar battery connected to a rooftop solar panel, so that solar power is used for heating the water. The system has an electric back-up unit in case the contribution of solar energy is not enough


A switchboard will be installed with independent circuits for the washing machine and the dish washer. Therefore, they can be used together as long as the power demanded does not exceed the contracted supply. Also, independent circuits will be set up for the fridge and the alarm system, with separated protection so that they can keep working if the installation in the rest of the house is disconnected because you are away. Switches and trimming covers are nice-looking.


 Sockets for TV, FM and telephone lines will be set up in the living-room, the kitchen and all bedrooms. GARAGE The garage is not connected to the house; it can house one vehicle. It can be accessed through an automatic pre-lacquered metallic tilting door. The vehicle slots can be accessed through an automated, single-pane metallic hinged door; the corner slots are accessed through sliding doors.


 Each house has a private swimming pool with its own filtering equipment.


Security is granted with multiple devices. 1. The front door is reinforced. 2. There is a video intercom system.


The construction and materials are controlled by a certified independent lab.


Ten-year free-of-charge insurance coverage on the construction is included for the buyer. * Credited amounts are checked.

 <> Due to technical issues, lack of timely supply or force majeure reasons, the Technical Management may alter these specifications without affecting quality


Sun Breeze Villas - Serena Golf Properties

Sun Breeze Los Alcazares 3 bed villa 2 bath with pool

Sun Breeze Los Alcazares 3 bed villa 2 bath with pool


Sun Breeze Villas - Serena Golf

Detached Villa For Sale

La Serena Golf, Murcia, Spain

Property price: 275 400 €

hotel 3 Bedroom

hot_tub 2 Bathroom

directions_car 1 Garage Slot